Romania and the Presidential Elections

Roundtable Dec 2014

Live broadcast here:

Following the second round of the 2014 Romanian Presidential elections, the panellists will discuss the elections and the future direction of Romanian politics and society after Băsescu’s presidential term (2004-2014).

Dr Daniel Brett – Open University
Dr Radu Cinpoeș – Kingston University
Dr Emanuel Coman – Oxford University
Clara Volintiru – LSE
Roxana Mihăilă – Sussex University
Eleanor Knott – LSE

Dr Sherrill Stroschein, LSEE Visiting Fellow, European Institute, LSE

Canada Blanch room, Cowdray House, LSE

The event operates on a first come first served basis.

The event is organised by LSEE and Romanian-Moldovan Research Group:

You will able to ask questions via a live twitter feed: @RoMoWorkshop

#LSEERomaniaPresidential Election Posters


Pre-workshop outline of the presidential elections:


See also the cognate topic of Moldovan Parliamentary Elections:


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