By Period

Medieval and Early-Modern Period

Adrian Onofreiu – Research on the Năsăud Romanian Border Regiment (Austrian Military Border)

19th  and 20th Century

Historical Population Database of Transylvania 1850-1914 (HPDT)

Ágoston Berecz, The Politics of Early Language Teaching. Hungarian in the Primary Schools of the Late Dual Monarchy

Botond Nagy – Research on the Hungarian-Romanian Border – end of 19th, beginning of 20th C.

Raul Cârstocea, Anti-Semitism in Romania: Historical Legacies, Contemporary Challenges

Anders E. B. Blomqvist, Economic Nationalizing in the Ethnic Borderlands of Hungary and Romania : Inclusion, Exclusion and Annihilation in Szatmár/Satu-Mare 1867–1944

Irina Marin, The Formation and Allegiance of the Romanian Military Elite Originating from the Banat Military Border

Андрей Кушко, Виктор Таки, при участии Олега Грома. Бессарабия в составе Российской империи (1812—1917)// Andrei Cușco et al., Bessarabia in the Russian Empire (1812-1917)


Post-WWII, Communism, Socialism

Andrada Fătu-Tutoveanu, Building Socialism, Constructing People: Identity Patterns and Stereotypes in Late 1940s and 1950s Romanian Cultural Press

Moldova: A Borderland’s Fluid History

Cold War – Personal Research Archive – Elena Dragomir

Elena Dragomir, Cold War Perceptions. Romania’s Policy Change Towards the Soviet Union (1960-1964)


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